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Panel Industry Professionals

NVIFF organizes a panel discussion about the film industry in which important aspects of the film industry are discussed. We cover two main topics:
1. How can Black and Asian filmmakers get financing and distribution within and outside the Netherlands?
2. How can you create international co-productions between the Netherlands, Africa, America and Asia?

In a stimulating exchange of views, the multifaceted landscape of these important themes is discussed from different angles. These topics are discussed from an international context with an expert panel of producers and filmmakers. We also want to explore a number of sub-themes during the panel discussion:

1. What are the main overarching themes or trends between Europe, America, Asia and Africa?
2. Who are the most important players in the Netherlands and Asia, America and Africa that offer a platform and financing?
3. What are the joint initiatives and networks in the different regions?
4. What advice can you give to new talent?

These are some of the questions we will ask the panel members. The panel is moderated by Jan-Willem Breure and ends with a Q&A where the public is given the opportunity to ask the panel members a number of questions.

Panelist: Cheryl Halpern
Cheryl Halpern is a partner at HQ Creative LLC, an Emmy Award-winning production company. As a producer, she has a lot of experience with film and TV on an international level. Cheryl was a member of the board of directors for international broadcasting and the Broadcasting Board of Governors, and was confirmed as director of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). During her time at the CPB, she was chosen by the board to act as chairman. In addition to her service in public broadcasting, Halpern was also a public representative at the 63rd session of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Panelist: Jhett Tolentino
Jhett Tolentino is a Tony and Grammy award-winning Producer. He has won three Tony Awards since his debut on Broadway in March 2013 and received his first Grammy Award in February 2017. He is known among others for his work in The Color Purple, Side Show, Leslie Odom Jr. and Matilda the Musical.

Panelist: In-Soo Radstake
In-Soo Radstake is a Korean producer and works at RTV Rijnmond as head of external productions. In-Soo Radstake produced well-known cinema films such as Het Bombardement and the TV documentary The Secret of HEMA. He also collaborated with Fu Works and IDTV Film to produce the feature film Spion Van Oranje that was released in more than a hundred cinemas.

Panelist: Reguillo Wijngaarde
Reguillo Wijngaarde is the founder of Maybuse. Maybuse produces content in the field of events and media. Maybuse hosts a number of influential events including Da Bounce Movie Night and Da Bounce Urban Film Festival. The Da Bounce Urban Film Festival (DBUFF) draws attention to Urban cinema. Reguillo Wijngaarde is also busy setting up its own Cable TV channel and online video subscription platform.

Panelist: Sherman De Jesus
Sherman De Jesus is an award-winning producer and film maker and the co-founder of Memphis Film. He was also the first festival director of the Dutch Film Festival, initiated the first Dutch Film Market and the Cinema Militans Lecture, was a member of the Golden Calf jury and board member of the Cultural Media Productions Fund. In its twenty-three year anniversary, Memphis Film & Television has produced films for television and theater together with all public broadcasters in the Netherlands and with various European partners.