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NVIFF offers workshops in acting, filmmaking, writing, sound design and networking. We are dedicated to providing valuable education opportunities for all levels of filmmakers by focusing on the industry perspective first and the hands-on workshops that will empower and encourage participants to fundamentally understand what they are actually creating.

Acting: Most acting workshops focus on improving acting skills in the hope that actors will land a big role. However at NVIFF we flip the process and teach the actors to view acting from producers, casting-directors, directors and writers perspectives. This adds a new level of fundamental understanding that is often lacking in an actors training.

Filmmaking: During the filmmaking workshop participants learn to develop an holistic view about the industry. To understand their target audience first and once this basis is established to hone their skills to achieve success. Filmmakers learn the importance of marketing and networking and how contrary to popular belief marketing and networking should actually begin before film production. We explore the Hollywood secrets of film making, how 24p and grain are actually integrated into the the film production pipeline. We also cover cinematography, directing, video editing, colour grading, special effects and lighting.

Writing: NVIFF has distilled the essential elements of screenwriting to create goal orientated screenwriting workshops. It is designed for individuals who want to discover the fundamentals of screenwriting, but not from a screenwriters perspective but from the perspective of filmmakers and producers. Contrary to popular belief good screen writers don’t write for themselves but for other people. Only once writers understand their audience and how they themselves are perceived by others can they achieve success.

Sound Design: The most common mistake for filmmakers is sound. Most filmmakers focus on the visual and do not understand the fundamentals of sound design and the crucial elements that are necessary to achieve a successful film. This workshop deals with these problems by training participants to master the recording and manipulation of sound.

Networking: In our networking courses we share the importance of understanding networking. We explore national and international networking and how to overcome cultural and language barriers.